Nick Maroussas is a mixed media artist based in London. His work is influenced by the impermanence of urban walls; how they naturally change over time with the adding of tags, stickers and paste-ups, but also the subtraction of parts that are ripped and weathered. It’s man-made and yet it’s evolved in a very natural way. His process has seen him layering original character drawings with paint, frenetic marker pen scribblings and collage. More recently however, the characters have fragmented and disappeared as Nick develops a more mechanical, automatic approach to processing his image and discarded materials.


Selected Exhibitions

Creekside Open 2019 Selected by Brian Griffiths and Sacha Craddock, APT Gallery, Deptford, June 2019

‘We Can Only Have Fun On Certain Days’, Group Exhibition, Warbling Collective, London, April 2019

‘Let Me Know Before You Arrive’, Group Exhibition, Warbling Collective, London, October 2018

‘Marching Through The Fields’, Group Exhibition, Warbling Collective, London, August 2018

‘Art Coop 3’, Group Exhibition, East Surrey College, Redhill, April 2018

Creekside Open 2017 Selected by Jordan Baseman, APT Gallery, Deptford, May 2017

‘Junk Mail & Cereal Packets’, Solo Exhibition, Too Many Cooks, London, April 2017

Art & Craft, Streatham, London 2016

Ipswich Art Society’s 139th Annual Open Exhibition, 2016